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The Test Platform

A fully automated mobile application test platform

The MobileReady platform allows you to quickly test the behaviour of your application on dozens of real smartphones and tablets. Besides the automatic mode, we support your jUnit (including Robotium and Espresso) and Appium scripts:

  • Automatic mode: No modification in the source code or writing a test script are required. You just have to upload your application package, select the devices and wait a few minutes. Our app crawler will do the job for you. You will then get a full report and screenshots of your app running on the selected devices !
  • Script mode:
    • jUnit script: in addition to your application, upload your jUnit test application. Select the devices and wait a few minutes. You will then get a full report as for the automatic mode with extra jUnit script logs. You may also get the screenshots you took from your test application.
    • Appium script: 2 ways
    • Remote Appium: after a few change to your existing scripts (Appium settings), they are run on your local machine, accessing remotely our device farm as you do locally with your own devices. see the Appium HowTo page...
      Integrated Appium: as for jUnit tests, you will upload both application and Appium script files to be run remotely on our test platform. You will get the same level of report as for automatic or jUnit tests. This feature is planned for 2016.

MobileReady API

Besides the Web GUI, you can integrate the MobileReady Test Platorm into your own build and test process using the RESTFul API:
The API reference guide is available for download. A demo script and a session configuration files are also provided to quickly setup and run your first test session. Enjoy !

Why MobileReady?

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    How easy is it to test my app ?

    The platform has been designed with ease of use in mind! Choose between the automatic or jUnit test mode, upload your app package (and test application if jUnit test mode), select some devices and you are done. Your application will then be run automatically on the selected devices and after a few minutes you get the test report.

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    Are you testing on real devices ?

    Yes. Your app will be run on real unmodified devices. The very same phones and tablets that users have. Furthermore we keep the platform up-to-date with the latest devices so that you can spot issues before your customers see them.

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    What kind of app can I test ?

    Currently, the MobileReady platform is able to test Android applications only. However, you can expect to see more platforms covered very soon!

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    What result do I get ?

    You get a synthetic report as pictured on the screen capture on the right. But we also provide you with all the screenshots and execution logs of your app on the selected devices.


    Do you support apps generated with 3rd party tools like Xamarin, Titanium, PhoneGap/Cordova, Telerik, etc... ?

    Yes. However there might be some incompatibilities depending of your setup. At this time we identified the following issue: Cordova: there are some incompatibilities with Cordova v3.6.0 and later (prior versions are ok though)


The test platform in action

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